AGI vs. AI: What's the difference?

What is artificial general intelligence (AGI)?

AGI (or Artificial General Intelligence) refers to the ability of software — representing various human cognitive abilities in a generalised manner. With such capabilities, an AGI system can be presented with unfamiliar tasks and solve them effectively. The main goal of the AGI system is to perform any assignment that a human does.

People of various professions define AGI differently, that's why sometimes it can be hard to understand the statement. For example, experts from computer sciences often define human intelligence in terms of being able to achieve goals. Psychologists often define general intelligence in terms of adaptability or survival.

AGI is considered a strong AI. Weak or narrow AI denotes the utilisation of artificial intelligence for specific problem-solving or task-oriented purposes, in contrast to its stronger analogue. Self-driving cars, expert systems, and IBM's Watson supercomputer are all applications of narrow AI.

What can AGI do?

In the field of computer science, AGI is defined as an intelligent system that possesses comprehensive knowledge and cognitive abilities. AGI systems do not exist yet, but the examples can be found in science fiction.

In theory AGI machines can reason, plan, learn, understand natural language and solve problems as human.The main difference from AI is that AGI is not limited to specific domains or tasks and is capable of exhibiting general intelligence.

Such systems' performance would be hard to distinguish from that of a human in terms of those measures, yet their vast intellectual abilities would surpass human limits due to their capability to access and process enormous datasets quickly.

A true AGI system should be capable of performing human-level tasks and abilities that current computers cannot achieve. Although AI can complete various tasks, they fall short in terms of accuracy to be considered human or possess general intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence and Artificial General Intelligence are two distinct levels of intelligence in machines. AGI has the potential to transform numerous industries and is a thrilling field of inquiry that may redefine our perception of machines and their abilities.

Yasmin Anderson

AI Catalog's chief editor

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