Artificial Intelligence helps identify plant diseases

Artificial Intelligence helps identify plant diseases

iFarm, in collaboration with Poteha Labs and Catalyst-Team, has implemented a new tool called the Telegram bot that aids in detecting any irregularities in the growth stage of plants in vertical farms. Using advanced vision analysis technology, this neural network offers insight of the plants' health status.

The identification process is straightforward: If the farm employees come across a plant that is not blooming well, they can take a photo of it using their smartphone and send it to the Telegram bot to determine the possible cause of the deviation. The neural network then detects matches and provides answers directly on the application.

Going forward, all facilities that use iFarm technology will have a similar system in place. Additionally, the use of autonomous drones to observe plants will enable quick identification of any deviations in the growth stage, thereby preventing the spread of diseases and potential loss in yield. This will make iFarm's growing technology even more reliable.

Machine learning technologies are being developed and implemented by Poteha Labs. This firm leverages its extensive experience and the expertise of the industry's top professionals to deliver effective products. This approach attracted the attention of Catalyst-Team specialists, who collaborated on the development of the iFarm bot. This partnership has proved beneficial for both Catalyst and iFarm. Thanks to their joint activities, they can achieve high accuracy indicators, as shown in the graph depicting a 97% accuracy rate. This means that out of 100 cases, the model accurately identifies plant diseases in 97 instances. Moreover, the model can be enhanced with additional data.

Yasmin Anderson

AI Catalog's chief editor

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