Google DeepMind continue with groundbreaking AI developments

Google has put together a new task force, consisting of Google Brain and DeepMInd. The new entity is called Google Deepmind.

The aim is to keep updated in the ever changing world of the AI industry and be able to compete with OpenAI. Combination of the two entities will enable Google to further accelerate AI efforts and maintain moral standards.

Deepmind will develop brand new AI products and services and will cooperate with other Google teams to provide AI research and products.

Google Research, a former part of Google Brain, will continue to focus on computer science, algorithms theory, privacy, quantum learning, health and responsible AI.

Experts think that combination of the two divisions will help Google to put together some of the brightest minds in AI with the computing power, resources for further AI research and breakthroughs and will help to act more boldly and responsibly.

They claim that Google Brain and DeepMInd have become a basis for the current AI sphere - deep reinforcement and transformers are parts of that. The new unit will build upon that for more groundbreaking AI products and advancements to shape the world. Some of services by Google Brain and DeepMind include AlphaGo (outbeat pro human Go players), AplhaFold (predicts protein structures), word2vec, WaveNet, software frameworks like TensorFlow and Jax.

Yasmin Anderson

AI Catalog's chief editor

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