Toward Singularity - Neuroscience inspiring AI

It is not a secret that some AI structures are based on the human brain. The scientist Geoffrey Hinton said that “if you want to know how something works, you should build one”.

So the human brain becomes an inspiration for scientists who are ready to build a machine that can help people and solve problems just like humans do.

Brain is the most complex thing we know. Coping the brain sounds fantastic in theory, but it will be much more difficult in reality. Here are some problems:

1. To create something based on a brain, we need to learn about it and what actually happens in a brain, fulfil the gaps that we didn't learn yet
2. Than we have to reconstruct it as neuron network somewhere (in software for example)
3. It's not enough to have these neurons on software, they should be connected so the third problem is to reconnect them and make this thing work!

However, AI is inspired by the brain but not fully copying it.

Toward Singularity - Neuroscience Inspiring AI

Deep learning was inspired by biology, that refers to networks which consist of many layers of artificial neurons, so information flows through those many layers and more complex information that the layer before. We had people develop learning algorithms for such works a few decades ago but there was no computer power and such a large amount of data to demonstrate it.

In the early days of AI there was a focus on reasoning problems which feel like hard work for humans, but now people are getting more and more interested in building high level intelligence.

AI changed the speed of learning, that's why it's so successful. AI can utilise information that wasn't possible recently. The main problem now is the accuracy and reliability of the output.

Moreover, one of the most interesting questions is - should AI learn by going through people's experience to understand the world or we can grow it “in the box”. Somehow we have to be prepared to stay unique, the machines are going to take the mass jobs and all is left for humanity to stay creative.

AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) is a machine with broad intellectual abilities of a competent adult human, it can do what people do, can learn new things and solve routine tasks without problems. Nowadays, AGI exists only in theory. The idea of singularity is when artificial intelligence exceeds human intelligence. The challenge between computers and humans can reclassify what means intelligent.

We are just at the beginning of what's going to be a long journey. For more information watch YouTube video:

Yasmin Anderson

AI Catalog's chief editor

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