Bengaluru Airport Advances Passenger Experience With AI-Powered Video Analytics

The busy Bengaluru Airport, known as BLR, is pioneering technology upgrades to give its nearly 32 million annual travelers faster, safer experiences. As one of India's most hectic hubs, BLR is rolling out vision AI across its new Garden Terminal, T2. The goal is to boost impact and take passenger satisfaction to new heights.

T2 is nicknamed for its abundant plant life, which includes indoor parks and waterfalls, crafting an oasis-like atmosphere amid the hustle of travel. Integrating Industry.AI's intelligent video platform marks a major first for an Indian airport adopting such cutting-edge AI at this scale.

The system utilizes computer vision and object detection to monitor the terminal in real time for objectives like spotting unattended bags, detecting long queues, and warning security about probable problems. With AI tracking congestion and predicting delays, staff can proactively reroute passengers to less packed areas or open extra checkpoints, thereby reducing wait times.

"Adopting these modern deep learning tools is a first as we aim to be a world-leading airport and give customers a favourable impression," stated George Fanthome, CIO of BLR's parent firm.

The Industry.AI platform connects to more than500 live feeds throughout T2 allowing AI to handle nearly a dozen jobs simultaneously. It automatically spots unattended luggage and oversees queues at entry points, check-ins, security, etc. to smooth traffic flow during peak periods.

"Our platform alerts staff to longer-than-ideal lines so they can act quickly," said Tejpreet Chopra, Industry.AI CEO.

It also tracks unauthorized transport facilities and people entering secure zones, while also keeping an eye on vehicle speeds outside for safety.

In order to train its AI system, Industry.AI uses the NVIDIA TAO Toolkit and A100 GPUs. For efficient inference, it leverages NVIDIA's Triton Server and A30 GPUs.

Given the success at BLR, Industry.AI intends to expand its NVIDIA-powered video analytics and fast computing to more airports locally and globally.

"BLR's AI adoption establishes a new bar for passenger experiences," Chopra stated. By tapping the latest tech, BLR aims to lead travel forward.

Yasmin Anderson

AI Catalog's chief editor

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