Planning a fake sick leave? Beware, AI may detect your lie from your voice

AI technology may be able to identify your deception through voice analysis. Researchers are currently exploring a new technology in the field of artificial intelligence that has the ability to identify whether a person is suffering from a cold or not, based on the tone of their voice.

Since the inception of revolutionary tools AI has become a topic of discussion in the world of technology.

Recent reports suggest that researchers have successfully developed AI technology that can identify if a person has caught a cold by analysing the tone of their voice. While this innovation could greatly assist individuals in detecting illness, it also poses a potential issue for employees who falsely claim illness, particularly using the reason of a cold.

In the future, this technology may become an extremely powerful tool for employers who could leverage it to detect whether an employee is genuinely unwell based purely on their voice during a phone conversation. This exciting development could lead to significant advances in workplace responsibility and productivity.

Earlier this year, reports emerged regarding the successful development of AI technology that can identify if a person has caught a cold by analysing their voice tone.

Researchers at Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat successfully tested the technology on 630 individuals, with 111 cases identified as affected by colds. Harmonics were used to detect the presence of a cold in persons - this method analyses the decrease in amplitude of vocal rhythms in human speech when the person's frequency increases.

This innovative application could be useful in many areas, but also has the potential to significantly enhance workplace accountability and productivity.

The use of AI technology to detect colds based on voice tone analysis has the potential to significantly benefit various fields. In addition to healthcare, it could also be useful in workplace environments to monitor employee health and productivity. If an employee is identified as having a cold, measures could be taken to prevent the spread of illness and ensure they receive appropriate support to recover quickly. This could ultimately result in fewer sick days and improved workplace productivity. However, it is important to consider potential privacy concerns and ethical implications when implementing such technologies in the workplace.

Yasmin Anderson

AI Catalog's chief editor

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