Survival Strategies in the Era of AI

Before we discuss how to cope with the Artificial Intelligence transformation of the world, let's return to the differentiation of AI. It is commonly divided into two categories: 

Weak AI or narrow A – is focused on performing a specific task or function. Generally, this type of AI needs human interaction. Examples of weak AI: Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant.

Strong AI is general in its function. It can reason, plan, learn and problem-solve autonomously. There are no practical examples of it in use yet. Machine learning and deep learning are subcategories of artificial intelligence.Machine learning is a type of AI that allows software applications that use algorithms and historical data to learn over time to predict likely outcomes.

Deep learning uses neural networks that imitate the human brain’s ability to analyse data and learn by identifying patterns in a given dataset. A key difference between deep learning and machine learning – the way the systems are learned and trained.

The era of AI (Artificial Intelligence)

AI will make a lot of jobs disappear in the future, so we should try to assimilate into a new, different world with progressive tools. We need to accept changes caused by new technologies. The era of artificial intelligence has actually started.

We can’t calculate faster than machines, so it will be more effective to pay a smaller fee to a robot rather than a human. On the one hand, it can cause massive unemployment. A lot of jobs connected with writing texts, working with editing photos and videos are at risk. On the other hand, it can add creativity to a person's job. There will be no routine work.

The director of the Stanford AIRE program, Dr. Li Jiang, claimed that there are some tips to integrate artificial intelligence into people's lives.

First of all, we should know AI thinking.A lot of people in different countries try to avoid AI due to the lack of information about it, less control that they have and other reasons. The fact is that artificial intelligence is the most powerful tool people have ever invented. You can't just stay away from it, because it's practically everywhere. You can’t compete with others. AI thinking should be learned as fast as possible, using different prompts in tools will save a lot of time.

The basic part is to realise the difference between humans and AI.

In general, we should learn how AI works. Earlier AI was based on the rules of specific algorithms that were written as a prompt to a computer. Humans set the rules. Now it is all about deep learning, which is based on data, because it can provide and analyse way more data than humans.

Accept the difference between AI and humans.

So, if we allow machines to do the work that they do better than humans, we can concentrate more on what humans can do.

Know how to work with AI. 

It's very important to integrate artificial intelligence into our lives and teach the younger generation how to use it. Machines can't learn creativity and solve design-thinking problems, so it's our chance to improve these spheres. The power of AI is like water, we can't block it.

Yasmin Anderson

AI Catalog's chief editor

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