Samsung uses AI for home assistance

Samsung promises that by incorporating artificial intelligence into its household appliances, it will lower energy consumption and address issues like food waste.

The new equipment include washing machines that can adjust their cycles to consume less energy and refrigerators that have cameras integrated in to scan food as it enters the house. The AI Jet Bot Combo, a new robot vacuum cleaner that can navigate the house and find pets, will also be released by the business.

According to Samsung CEO Jong-Hee Han, the new AI features may "do more than previously imagined with the power of AI." As the business unveiled refrigerators and even hobs with built-in displays, he said that they also wanted to make home appliances into a "platform for entertainment."

With AI being heralded as the future of many businesses, the technology industry is racing to incorporate the new products. However, its publication coincides with growing apprehension about the dangers of artificial intelligence, encompassing questions about its controllability and potential for user privacy invasion.

Samsung said that security firms had certified the new appliances and that they were constructed in accordance with "tough Samsung Knox security standards." For example, Samsung said that by encrypting user data, the fridge, robot vacuum, and other items will prevent hackers from accessing the intricate photos and three-dimensional maps.

Additionally, the business stated that consumers would be prompted to activate certain AI capabilities, making sure they voluntarily consent to their use and may readily withdraw it at any time. According to Samsung UK marketing director Tanya Weller, this is done to give customers the impression that they may choose whether or not to use potentially contentious new capabilities.

Instead than concentrating on "innovation for innovation's sake" or "AI for AI's sake," she stated that Samsung is concentrating on "things that make a meaningful difference to customers."

The new product lineup is a part of Samsung's Bespoke AI line, which aims to integrate AI into kitchenware. It consists of a new line of washing machines, two new fridge freezers, and a robot vacuum.

The most visible application of artificial intelligence is seen in the Samsung four-door refrigerator, which comes equipped with an AI Family Hub program. Food is scanned as it is placed in the refrigerator and is then shown on a screen that can be used to create new recipes using the contents and to alert users when anything is about to expire.

The robot vacuum is another device that uses artificial intelligence (AI). It has a machine-learning model that can identify items like humans and dogs. This implies that a homeowner may instruct the vacuum to search the house for a cat, for example.

Samsung did, however, emphasize that the new appliances' potential for energy savings may be the most useful application of artificial intelligence. Depending on how its user uses it, the refrigerator will modify its cooling capacity. That is, it will change temperature depending on whether it senses that its doors are going to be opened once more.

Similarly, the AI inside the washing machine can adjust the drying and washing performance according to how many clothes are inside.

Samsung also collaborates with British Gas and other energy suppliers to offer appliances with information on the most affordable and environmentally friendly times to draw electricity.

For example, a dishwasher may choose to begin its cycle at 11 p.m. since power is more environmentally friendly at that time.

According to Samsung, some of those AI-based energy features will work with older smartphones. Updates may be downloaded remotely for WiFi-enabled devices, and Samsung promises to continue updating its current lineup of products for years after they are purchased.

Yasmin Anderson

AI Catalog's chief editor

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